Here’s a picture of me as a baby. It looks like I loved snow even back then!

Maria as a Baby

Young Maria

This one was taken in kindergarten with my pixie-style haircut.
I grew up in Keene, New Hampshire, where I lived with my parents, my two siblings, and my Nonna. We lived in several different houses there, but the one near a farm was my favorite, with its barn-shaped garage and a view of Mt. Monadnock.

We played many a game of hide and seek in the adjacent cornfield. Call me crazy, but I still love the pungent scent of cow and chicken manure. I used to play outside all day, climbing trees, slapping cow patties, catching toads, watching birds, and digging for clay.
Our house sat across the street from a maple sugar house. Sap buckets hung from the trees, and sweet-scented clouds filled the late winter air.

Sugar House
My mother used to ring a bell when it was time for dinner. I still love nature, birds and animals, though I haven’t slapped many cow patties lately.
I now live in northern Virginia with my family: my husband, Niko Grigorieff, who lovingly designed this website—thanks Niko! He’s originally from Berlin, Germany, and he’s a scientist working at the Janelia Research Campus; our daughter, Anya, an artist and nature lover, as well as our Dixie Chick rescue mutt, Becca.

Former family members:
Rescue rats, Lucia and Nera (aka Salt and Pepper), beautiful dumbo blue rat, Sky,

Lucias & Nera

and quirky Elvis, a 95 pound black lab mix.


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